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"I love you, you know!"

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I thought I’d try to get my family into the “loving” spirit.  Last week while out shopping I bought myself some heart shaped cookie cutters, thinking that I’d use them to make the kid’s lunches into cute little heart shapes throughout the week.  I love my kids, but actually using cookie cutters to make cookies with them makes me hypertensive.  While baking, I have a very specific way I like to do things, and little fingers constantly testing the dough, knocking things over, and not making perfect cut outs drives me nuts!  Do not even get me started about letting them sprinkle the cookies with sugar.  

Anyway, my Foodie Crush magazine was full of Valentine’s Day ideas, from sugar cookie heart pops to heart shaped bacon, and for the really dedicated chef, chicken noodle soup with heart shaped carrots.  I was immediately drawn to the buttermilk pancakes, in the shape of hearts of course.  I love pancakes.  Take me to IHOP any time of day and I’m a happy lady.  With this pregnancy, I actually NEED pancakes.  You heard me, I need them.  It has been hard for me to find a great pancake recipe.  I like them to be light and fluffy, but not too thick, not so thin they look like a crepe, and oh yes, they must taste amazing.  When eating pancakes, I like to slather butter on each layer,  leaving a little extra butter in the middle to make a little butter pool.  Combine the butter pool that has started to soak into the pancake with some pure maple syrup, and you have the perfect bite, which I save for last.

This was the most unique pancake recipe I’ve ever used.  You actually separate your eggs and whip the egg whites to a stiff peak.  Once all of the other ingredients are put together, you fold the egg whites into the batter, making it fluffy and airy.  There was no sugar used in the original recipe, so I added about a tablespoon.  Next time I will also add some vanilla extract and maybe a pinch of cinnamon.  

Once the batter was mixed, I heated up my griddle pan on medium to medium-low heat with some unsalted butter in the bottom of the pan.  I placed two cookie cutter hearts on the pan and poured batter, about 1/3 full.  Once the batter bubbled, I tried to slide the cookie cutter off, but I neglected to spray it with a non-stick spray beforehand.  I ended up just flipping the whole thing and pulling the cookie cutter off once the pancake was done.  With lesson learned, I buttered up my cookie cutters for the rest of the pancakes.  Make sure you slide off the mold once the batter is mostly set.  You can also buy specific heart shaped pancake molds that are non-stick.  I just may invest in these little tools.  

The kids loved the pancakes, but they pretty much love to eat anything that has a fun shape or color.  These were probably my favorite homemade buttermilk pancakes to date.  The whipped egg whites definitely added to the fluffiness.  These will definitely be in our Saturday morning breakfast rotation on a regular basis.  Happy pancaking and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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